Turnitin January 4, 2024 update FAQ

I see a new interface available in my Turnitin Similarity Reports. How is it different?
Turnitin has redesigned the interface to make it more intuitive. One of the main features of the new report interface is Match Groups. These make it easier for you to see which items are: 

  • Not cited or quoted
  • Missing quotations (but cited)
  • Missing citations (but showing quotation marks or a block quote)
  • Cited and quoted

A sample report is available. 

How do I use it?
Please see: Quick Start Guide - Using the New Similarity Report

Do I have to use it?
No, you can use the Go to Beta View/Go to Classic View button at the top of the Similarity Report to toggle back and forth between them. Turnitin has not reported plans to end the Classic View

For Feedback Studio (External Tool)

I don't see Feedback Studio in the External Tool menu in Assignments and Modules. How do I create a new assignment? 
To create a new Feedback Studio Assignment:

  • Go to the Assignments tab in the course.
  • Select the three vertical dots next to the blue +Assignment button at the upper right. 
  • Select Turnitin. 

For more information, see: Creating an assignment

Will my old assignments continue to be available?
Yes, all of your Feedback Studio assignments since the consolidation of our Canvas and Turnitin servers in August 2021, should be available for any of your courses. Submissions will remain available. 

If I have already set up my assignments for Spring before the upgrade, do I need to do anything? 
No, the assignments should automatically update to use the newer version. If you have any issues (receive errors) when clicking on one of these links, please contact Missouri Online immediately.

Will open assignments be affected? 
No, assignments open at the time of the upgrade and their submissions will not be affected. Those assignments will not accept assignments for a few minutes during the upgrade window (January 4, 2024, 11:00 a.m. to noon).

Will it be easier to change due dates for copied assignments?
Yes, this has been simplified and will be available to change the dates for multiple assignments at once as they are imported into the course. This will be through the Assignment Copy feature.

How do I edit an assignment? 
This depends on what you need to edit. Some features must be edited in the Canvas assignment settings, some in the Turnitin assignment settings, and some in both. Please see: Editing an assignment

I don't see the Similarity Report in SpeedGrader. How do I access the Similarity Report and Turnitin Grading and Feedback?
Feedback Studio is no longer integrated with SpeedGrader. You may access these tools by selecting a submission in the Turnitin Interface under Assignments. 

I need to look at a report from before the upgrade, but I cannot find it in SpeedGrader? 
Go to the Assignments tab and open the Turnitin Inbox for that assignment. You will find it there. 

Can I use the Canvas Test Student with the upgraded Feedback Studio?
No, it is still only available for use with Turnitin Plagiarism Framework. 

Where can I get more detailed information and documentation? 

Where can I get more help or training?
Please contact Missouri Online for help:
email: teachingtools@umsystem.edu
phone: (855) 675-0755
chat: https://teachingtools.umsystem.edu/support/home - select Live Chat at the bottom right of the page. 

Training: https://umsystem.libcal.com/ - search for Turnitin.


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