Downloading and Printing Papers in Turnitin

To download a paper from the Turnitin document viewer, click the printer icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen (See Fig. 1).

Panel shows two icons; the top one, used to open the menu for downloading and printing, is circled.
Figure 1: download icon

Then select Download PDF of current view for printing (See Fig. 2). 

  • If you are in the Originality Report view, the downloaded PDF will contain the Originality Report. 
  • If you are in the GradeMark view, it will contain the grade, instructor’s comments and any e-rater comments.
  • If you are showing a combination of views, all of the selected views will print. 

Pop-up menu gives three choices. Download PDF of current view for printing is circled. Other choices are Download PDF of digital receipt for printing and Download submitted file.

Figure 2: download current view

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