Creating a Turnitin Feedback Studio Assignment in Canvas

  1. Select Assignments in the Navigation Menu.
  2. Select +Assignment.
  3. Fill in the Assignment Name and the description, which is a good place for instructions.
  4. Set the Points Possible.
  5. We recommend leaving Display Grade as set to points.
  6. In the Submission Type section select External Tool from the drop-down menu (See Fig. 1)
    select External Tool as Submission Type
    Figure 1: external tool menu.
  7. Put your cursor in the Box labeled External Tool URL to open the Configure External Tool dialog/menu box (See Fig. 2).
  8. Scroll down and select Turnitin Feedback Studio, then Select (See Fig. 2).
    select Turnitin
    Figure 2: configure external tool
  9. Check Load this tool in a new tab.
  10. After selecting Turnitin in the Configure External Tool dialog, the External Tool URL field will display a URL.
  11. Under Assign, either choose Everyone, a specific section, or specific students. Set Due Dates and Availability dates as desired. These may be added or edited later.
    Note: failure to set a Due Date for the assignment in Canvas will cause Turnitin to automatically set the the due date to a date one week from the date the assignment was created. Further, if an Available from date is not set in the Canvas assignment, the assignment will give students an error message until you have either assigned an Available from date, or entered into the Turnitin Settings for the assignment.
  12. Select Save or Save & Publish. The former will save the assignment, but will not release it to students, even if the availability dates have been set. The latter will save it and make it available to students, subject to any dates you may have set for the assignment, and add it to the Syllabus and Calendar.
  13. At this point, you have created the framework for the assignment in Canvas, but you will most likely want to edit the settings specific to Turnitin. A link to a Turnitin page should appear; select that. If this does not appear, or if you want to go back and edit these settings later, return to Assignments in the Navigation menu, select the assignment, then select Load in New Window.
  14. Select the menu icon (three lines) at the upper right of the page and choose Settings (See Fig. 3).
    screenshot of Turnitin settings
    Figure 3: Turnitin Feedback Studio settings
  15. Change the Max Grade setting from 100 to whatever you chose in step 4 above. This will avoid problems later with the Canvas gradebook.
  16. Make sure that the start and due dates correspond to what you set in Canvas.
    Note: If you did not set dates, they will be automatically set for an eight-date duration starting the evening before you created the assignment. If you wish to have feedback released to students prior to the due date, you will also want to set the "Feedback release date."
  17. If you choose to allow any file type, students may submit files, including graphics, that Turnitin may not be able to check.
  18. Select Options Settings to expand that section.
  19. Change any settings you desire, then select submit. If you plan to use this for drafts and final submissions, you may wish to set "Submissions to this assignment will be stored in" to "Do not store the submitted papers." This will not affect the checking of papers but will ensure that the final version does not show as plagiarized from one of the drafts. For more information on these settings, see this link.
  20. Select Submit.
  21. Share this article with your students so they know where to look for feedback.

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