Creating a Turnitin Feedback Studio Assignment in Canvas

  1. Select Assignments in the Navigation Menu.
  2. Select the vertical dot menu icon next to +Assignment and choose Turnitin.
  3. Fill in the Title and Instructions (See Fig. 1).
  4. Set the Max Grade, Start Date, Due Date, and Feedback Release Date  (See Fig. 1).
    Note: Turnitin will default to a Max Grade of 100 points, with a Start Date corresponding to the current date and time, and the Due and Feedback Release Dates set to exactly one week later.
    Note: The Feedback Release Date only shows the instructor's annotations, it does not show the grade assigned to the paper. You can prevent students from seeing their scores by changing the Grade Posting Policy for that column in the Canvas Gradebook.

    Screenshot of Turnitin's main settings page.

    Figure 1: Turnitin settings.
  5. Select Optional Settings to specify the exact settings you wish to use for evaluating papers. See Optional LTI settings for a full overview of these options. 
  6. It is important for papers with multiple drafts to change the Submission setting to Do not store the submitted papers. This will not affect the checking of papers but will ensure that the final version does not show as plagiarized from one of the drafts.
  7. Generation of the Similarity Report setting determines if students are allowed to resubmit and when the report is shown to students (See Fig. 2).
    Options for when to generate the similarity report: immediately or on the due date with or without resubmissions
    Figure 2: Similarity settings.
    Note: it is possible to have a mismatch between the number of submissions allowed by this Turnitin setting and the number allowed in the Canvas Assignment settings. The setting in Turnitin takes precedence.
  8. Select Submit (See Fig. 1).
  9. After you return to your Assignments area select the title of the assignment.
  10. Select Edit Assignment Settings.
  11. Share this article with your students so they know where to look for feedback.

Notes for editing the assignment

  • Things to edit in the Turnitin interface:  Max Grade, Feedback Release Date, and Optional Settings and Max Grade
  • Things to edit in Canvas assignment settings: Title, Instructions, Start/ Due Date and Max Grade.

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