Getting ready for the next semester with SmarterProctoring

When you copy a course in Canvas, your quizzes will copy forward on the Canvas side but the settings for them in SmarterProctoring will not. We recommend checking the items listed below to ensure your assessments go smoothly.

Note: You must revise the below settings in Canvas quizzes that will use SmarterProctoring before enabling them in SmarterProctoring.

  1. You must update the date settings in the Assign to section of the quiz Details tab.
  2. Change the Access Code.
    The Access Code is key to protecting test integrity, so it is a bad idea to reuse it from one test to the other or one semester to the next.
  3. Change the Time Limit and number of Allowed Attempts if needed.
    SmarterProctoring limits the number of attempts to a maximum of 25.
  4. Update your Quiz Instructions if needed.
    The latest information for students on using the product is available here.
  5. You must sync with SmarterProctoring if you have made changes to Assign to, Access Code, Time Limit, and Allowed Attempts. You do not need to update quiz questions prior to syncing with SmarterProctoring. 
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Set up the test(s) in SmarterProctoring as you normally would. If you are unsure of settings, it may help to open an old SmarterProctoring test in a separate window to look at the settings.
    • If it has been a while since you have used SmarterProctoring, updated instructions, including new features, are available.  
    • If you are updating from an older course that used Proctorio, please see these instructions.
    • If you need assistance, please email us at, call (855) 675-0755, or select the chat link at the lower righthand corner or this page.

Note: At this time (March 2022), New Quizzes are not fully compatible with SmarterProctoring. You may use them as a third-party tool with SmarterProctoring (please contact us for assistance in setting up a New Quiz with SmarterProctoring the first time). You may use Respondus LockDown Browser with New Quizzes.

Modified on: Wed, Feb 1, 2023 at 9:34 AM

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