Choosing the recommended SmarterProctoring exam settings

Open resource exams (book/notes/web page)

In an open book exam using Smarter Proctoring you need to set permitted items. These include any additional materials, websites, textbooks, attachments, or other needs for your test. 
Note: SmarterProctoring might flag any unusual behavior when allowing these materials so you will need to review your proctored exams.

For an open book style test, toggle on/off items in the Permitted Items section of SmarterProctoring . Here is a brief rundown of the suggested permitted items you might use in an open book test (See Fig. 1).

  1. Notes – these are notes to your students and any additional instructions you might want to give them. This setting does not refer to letting your students use notes.
  2. Open Textbook – this allows you to list what Textbook (s) you wish to allow for the test.
  3. Formula Sheets – here you can list what kind of formula sheet a student can have for the test. Be specific. For example, one index card or one 8.5” X 11” sheet of paper.
  4. Dictionary – like a textbook. You can state what type of dictionaries you allow for your test.
  5. Websites – list the websites here that you allow. SmarterProctoring captures everything the student does so you will see if they are going to allow websites.
  6. Blank Paper – if you are allowing scratch paper or blank paper to be used you can let your students know how many sheets and what size paper you are allowing.
    Permitted items turned on showing Notes, open textbook, formula sheets, dictionary, websites, blank paper
    Figure 1: Suggested permitted items for an open book test

Low value exams (quizzes/pop quizzes)

In a low value test, do not turn on force Full Screen.  In addition, other settings might also be disabled. We suggest you use alternate technologies such as LockDown Browser or iClicker for low value tests.

Third-party exams

If you are using a Third-Party tool outside of Canvas for your tests and want to use SmarterProctoring please contact us. SmarterProctoring has a page Automated Proctoring Permission Settings that explains all the settings.

Notes for students

In the Notes section of SmarterProctoring you can give further instructions or even wish your students good luck (See Fig. 2).

text box to add a note for the students

Figure 2: Notes in Permitted Items

Exam attachments

You can also add attachments to your test. When you create your test in SmarterProctoring the first page has an area called attachments (See Fig. 3). Adding attachments allows the student to use that information while in the test. Students select the SmarterProctoring extension icon, and the attachments are then listed.

Note: If you use attachments you will need to not force full screen and to allow other tabs to be open so that students can open the attachments. PDF files are recommended.

Drop box for adding attachments
Figure 3: Attachments drop box



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