Best Practices for Multi-section Exams with SmarterProctoring

When setting up SmarterProctoring exams for a class where different sections will have separate testing windows, best practices recommend using the Create New Exam option, rather than the Import Exam option. This will eliminate the need to assign complex Assign to's within the Canvas quiz.

  1. Create a quiz in Canvas as you normally would.
  2. Set a time limit (See Fig. 1).
    require a time limit and enter time allowed
    Figure 1: Setting time limit
  3. Set an access code (See Fig 2).
    For test security, please use a different access code for each exam. Using an access code ensures students cannot take the exam outside of the SmarterProctoring system.

    enter an access code
    Figure 2: Add an access code
  4. Check that there is one Assign To block set that encompasses the entire exam window for all sections (See Fig. 3).
    exam assignment window dates and times
    Figure 3: Setting the assignment date and testing window of the exam
  5. Save the exam.

Setting up the Exam in SmarterProctoring

Automated Proctored Exam

Note: Because of differences in the process for the different third-party vendors and in-person proctoring options, please contact us for further assistance. 

  1. Enabled SmarterProctoring from your course Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to, then select, the SmarterProctoring link in the course menu to open the SmarterProctoring dashboard.
  3. Select New Exam in the top right corner (See Fig. 4).choose New exam
    Figure 4: Choosing new exam from SmarterProctoring dashboard
  4. Under the Create New Exam item, select Create Exam (See Fig. 5).
    choose Create exam
    Figure 5: Choose create exam 
  5. On Exam Detail page, copy/paste the test specifications from your Canvas quiz into the required fields (See Fig. 6). An asterisk indicates a required field; if there are any questions as to what each field is or why it is included, hover your mouse over the (?) and an explanation boxwill pop up. 
    • The Exam Name should indicate what section the exam is assigned to
    • The URL field is the link to the exam, or the third-party tool housing the quiz, in your Canvas site
    • The Duration is the time limit set on the Canvas quiz
    • The Password/Access Code is the access code used on the Canvas quiz
    • The Date Settings indicates the the time frame the test is available to the assigned section indicated in the Exam Name
      enter exam specifics that correspond to Canvas quiz settings
      Figure 6: Exam details page of SmarterProctoring exam set up
  6. Select Continue.
  7. On the Permitted Items page, toggle the button on far right to enable a permitted item (See Fig. 7).
    use toggle to enabled allowed items
    Figure 7: Enabling allowed items
    • Once enabled, use the text box to add specific, explicit directions about using the permitted item. For example, if permitting Notes, you may specify the quantity or format of the notes to be used.  For Calculatorsyou may specify the type permitted or choose an online Calculator; refer to this article for more details about the online Calculator.
    • Note: Enabling Bathroom Break gives the student the ability to leave the room and presents an opportunity to access reference materials away from the recorded session. Use with caution. 
  8. Select Continue.
  9. Use the Notes page to give any further specific directions to both students and in-person proctors (See Fig. 8).  The Notes for Students can be any additional instructions or reminders you would like to give the student. The Notes for Proctors field is only used if in-person testing is allowed. Use it to list out any specific actions the proctor should do when monitoring your student, such as check photo ID or collect scratch paper.
    Figure 8: Notes for students and proctors
  10. Select Continue.
  11. In Proctor Settings, you will establish what type of proctoring the students may use (See Fig. 9). For online, AI monitored exams, choose Automated Online Proctoring.  If you wish to permit in-person testing, please contact us for further assistance.
    When choosing the Automated Proctoring Permission Settings, you may choose a default setting of Strict or Lenient, or you may choose your own custom settings. At this time, Record Webcam, Record Screen, and Record Audio must be used in tandem.
    select proctoring type and choose recording settings
    Figure 9: Proctoring and recording options
  12. Select Continue.
  13. The Confirmation page is a summary of the exam details. (See Fig. 10).
  14. Select Back to return to a previous page to make corrections, or select Confirm to save the exam (See Fig. 10).

    review details, choose back or confirm
    Figure 10: Confirmation page of exam set up
  15. Repeat Steps 2 - 14 for each section, remember to specify the assigned section in Exam Name field, and the window of availability in the Date Settings field.

Setting up exam accommodations

If a student needs an accommodation, such as extended time or extra attempts, you must enable the accommodation in the Canvas exam before altering the settings in SmarterProctoring.  Use the Moderate This Quiz option to add accommodations in the Canvas test, then please see Setting Up a Special Accommodation for how to complete this process on the SmarterProctoring side.

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