SmarterProctoring is an advanced solution for online test security, remote, automated & live test proctoring, and for scheduling face-to-face proctoring. 

How can I use SmarterProctoring in teaching? 

  • Verify the student's identity as the test begins. 
  • Lockdown the student's computer with a variety of options while students are taking your test.
  • Monitor the student's computer and environment while the test is in progress.
  • Provide proctoring in multiple modalities to find the best fit for individual students.

What is unique about SmarterProctoring? 

SmarterProctoring provides a range of proctoring alternatives to meet different needs and to provide accommodations. Presently it offers fully automated, online proctoring with its native tools; live, online proctoring in cooperation with Examity and scheduling for live, face-to-face proctoring by either the instructor or paid proctors. These modalities can be mixed and matched even within a single test for different students. 

SmarterProcotoring allows the instructor to enable options for automated verification and monitoring of the test-taker, the environment, and the desktop. Features include content protection (by locking down the computer’s clipboard and screen-capture capabilities), blocking other extensions, and analysis of the student’s on-screen activities, eye, and facial movements, a panorama of the room, and of ambient noise. Automated proctoring is a shared UM System service and does not cost the students or departments. 

SmarterProcotoring provides automated reporting to flag the most critical items for you to shorten the amount of review required when using automated proctoring.

SmarterProctoring offers a range of options to accommodate students with disabilities, technical issues, or security & privacy concerns. These range from simple time accommodations to turning some features off for individual students taking the test, to allowing student to take the test in a proctoring center or with another, authorized proctor in a face-to-face setting. 

Technical requirements

SmarterProctoring is integrated into Canvas. The only supported browser is Google Chrome on Window, Mac, or Chromebooks. Students will need a web camera and microphone and will need to download a browser extension from SmarterProctoring.

Students may be prompted to change some browser security settings and then restart Chrome the first time they use the SmarterProctoring. Students should plan to take the test in a well-lit space to ensure that a good recording of their test session can be made

Getting Started with SmarterProctoring

Live Training sessions are now available. Please sign up on the eLearning Training Calendar. Some sessions are facilitated by UM System Trainers and some are by trainers at SmarterProctoring. Once instructors are ready they can begin configuring SmarterProctoring in their Canvas Course. (More instructions coming soon).

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