Setting Accommodations for Canvas Tests with SmarterProctoring

Setting up accommodations for students with Canvas and SmarterProctoring is a two-part process. It is necessary that matching accommodations be set up in Canvas Quizzes and in SmarterProctoring. 

To ensure that no steps are missed, we recommend that instructors consistently set up the Canvas portion of the accommodation first, then the SmarterProctoring portion. If several accommodations need to be set up, it is much more efficient to do all of the Canvas accommodations and then all of the SmarterProctoring accommodations. 


As with any other quiz in Canvas, you can set up accommodations that: 

  • Allow extra attempts
  • Allow extra time
  • Allow the quiz or test to be taken at a different time
  • Any combination of these

To allow extra attempts or extra time on a quiz or test

  1. Select the title of the quiz in the Canvas course site.
  2. Make sure the quiz is Published. (Moderation is only available for published quizzes.)
  3. Select Moderate This Quiz (See Fig. 1).
    choose Moderate this quiz
    Figure 1: Moderate This Quiz option
  4. Locate the student to be given the accommodation. 
  5. Select the pencil icon at the far right of that student's row (See Fig. 2).circled pencil icon
    Figure 2: Edit student accommodations in Moderate This Quiz
  6. If the student is to receive extra attempts, enter the number of additional attempts in the Extra Attempts box (See Fig. 3). 
  7. If extra time is being granted, add the number of additional minutes in the Extra time on every attempt box (See Fig. 3).
    Note: This is additive, so a student who is to receive double time on a 60-minute test would get 60 extra minutes here.
    enter extended time amount in Extra time field
    Figure 3: Add extra attempts and time in Moderate This Quiz
  8. Select Save.
    Note: If several students are receiving the same accommodation, you may select them by checking the boxes to the left of their names, then selecting the link at the bottom labeled: Change Extensions for [n] Selected Students and entering the extra attempts and time there.

To allow the quiz or test to be taken at a different time

For students getting extra time on a test that is given within a narrow window, or for those who need to take it on a different day, you will need to edit the dates in Quiz Details. 

  1. Select the title of the quiz in the Canvas course site.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the Details tab. 
  4. Select +Add. This will open an additional Assign to section (See Fig. 4).
  5. Select the blank box immediately below the new Assign to section and begin typing the name(s) of students to search for and select them (See Fig. 4). Each student you select in a particular Assign to section will all have the same due and availability dates.
  6. Fill in the Due, Available from, and Until fields (See Fig. 4).
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 as needed for any other students.
    Note: In most cases you will still want to keep an Assign to box for Everyone Else (See Fig. 4).
    Assign to screen box for Everyone and accommodated student
    Figure 4: Adjust dates and times in Quiz Details
  8. Select Save.  

Note: Do not attempt to set up accommodations that involve date changes when you initially create the quiz before importing it into SmarterProctoring. Only do so after the quiz is imported into SmarterProctoring. For date accommodations, an Available date is not strictly necessary but is advised. There must be either a Due date or an Until date, or both. Due dates are soft-cutoff times that simply mark submissions as on-time or late, but Until dates are hard cutoffs that automatically submit the quiz.


SmarterProctoring accommodations are always setup one-at-a-time. In addition to allowing additional attempts, a longer duration, or different dates and times, you may also make accommodations that allow face-to-face or online live proctoring (for a fee) or that modify the specific automated proctoring settings. Examples include turning off Block Other Extensions for a student requiring a screen reader or Record Webcam for a student with a damaged camera. 

To make an accommodation in SmarterProctoring for a Canvas test

  1. Go to SmarterProctoring in your class. 
  2. Locate the test, then scroll down until you see the blue View Exam button for that test.
  3. Select View Exam (See Fig. 5)
    screenshot of edit exam and view exam buttons
    Figure 5: View exam button in SmarterProctoring
  4. Scroll down until you find the student in the Student Overview. 
  5. In that student's Select action menu, choose Add Accommodation (See Fig. 6). If an accommodation has already been made, this will change to Edit Accommodation.
    click Select Action to open a menu to choose Add Accommodation option
    Figure 6: Locating a student and adding an accommodation in SmarterProctoring.
  6. In Exam Details change the time Duration, number of Attempts Allowed or the Date Settings (See Fig. 7).
    Note: When changing Duration in SmarterProctoring, the entire time, not just the extra time must be entered. This is the opposite of the way it is set up in Canvas' Moderate This Quiz, where only the additional time is entered. In other words, for a student getting double time on a 60 minute quiz, you would enter 60 in Moderate This Quiz but 120 in the Duration box in SmarterProctoring.
    Note: If for any reason the accommodation involves changing the Exam Opens date in SmarterProctoring, set the Exam Closes date first or you will see and error message.
    Note: If you are allowing other types of proctoring, and the dates for the test are significantly different, you may need to set a different scheduling window for the student.
    screenshot of SmarterProctoring exam settings highlighting the Duration, Consecutive Attempts and Date Settings fields
    Figure 7: Change timer, number of attempts, and dates/times in SmarterProctoring
  7. Select Continue.
  8. You may change the settings or notes on any of the following pages of exam settings. 
  9. When completely finished, select Confirm on the last screen. 
  10. Repeat for any additional students.

Accommodations for Tests Not in Canvas

SmarterProctoring may be used with other tools integrated with Canvas, such as publisher courseware. You should make the accommodations in that software as prescribed by its vendor, then make the accommodations in SmarterProctoring as described above. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Modified on: Wed, Feb 1, 2023 at 9:33 AM

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