Transitioning a Canvas Quiz from Proctorio to SmarterProctoring

While there are many similarities between the two products, there are significant differences in the process of setting up a test, the instructions to give to students and the way you will review reports. In both cases, users will need to use Google Chrome and need to add a navigation item to your Canvas course. (Your students will also be prompted to install a plug-in the first time they take a test with SmarterProctoring.)

Changing a Canvas Quiz from Proctorio to SmarterProctoring

Step 1: Disable Proctorio

  • If the SmarterExamProctor item still appears in Course Navigation in the new course, please go to Settings > Navigation tab > select the three-vertical-dot menu for that item > Select Disable. Scroll to the bottom and update the page. That will remove it from Course Navigation and disable Proctorio in the course. It is best to do this before accessing any tests that you have imported. 

Step 2: Enable SmarterProctoring

  • On that same tab, scroll down until you locate SmarterProctoring, drag it up to the top section of the tab, positioning it where you desire it, then scroll to the bottom and select Save.

Step 3: Edit the Canvas Quiz Settings

  • For SmarterProctoring to work correctly with your test, you will need to edit In the Description box. Remove the red "Extension Required Message and Link." Because this is difficult to select, as the whole image is a link, we recommend that you select everything in the description, then select delete key on the keyboard. Then select Save in Canvas. 
  • Ensure that an access code is set. 
  • Ensure that there is only one Assign to block set. (You can change this later, but during the initial setup, it must be assigned to Everyone. We recommend that if you are planning to have different assignment dates, for different sections or makeups, that you set the dates and times widely enough to include all of them. You may add different Assign to's later, but the test dates in SmarterProctoring will only update if there is a single Assign to for everyone.)
  • Set the timer.
  • If it is a practice test or quiz, please retitle it to start with "[Practice]" — including the square brackets. Because of the method used for by SmarterServices for tracking the numbers of students using the service, labelling the practice tests this way will minimize costs to the University. 
    • Optional: remove the words "Remotely Proctored" from the title. 

Step 4: Set up Test in SmarterProctoring

  • Settings for setting up for giving the test at multiple times and for accommodations. 
  • Update your syllabus statement regarding proctoring. Here is the current UM System recommended statement. 
We highly recommend every course uses a Practice quiz early in the semester. 

Differences in Administering a Quiz

Unlike Proctorio, which interfaced directly with the Canvas quiz, you will do all of your setup and administration of SmarterProctoring through the SmarterProctoring tab in Course Navigation menu of the Canvas course.  

  • We recommend moving the SmarterProctoring tab to a fairly prominent place in Course Navigation. 
  • If you are using SmarterProctoring, it is advisable to hide the Quiz and Assignments tabs. 
    • If a student selects a SmarterProctoring test in Quizzes or Assignments, they will be prompted for an access code and SmarterProctoring will not launch. 
    • For the same reason we do not recommend putting links directly to SmarterProctoring tests in Modules. 
    • If you do make the Quiz and Assignments tabs available, we recommend labelling SmarterProctoring tests as such and including wording in the directions telling students to select SmarterProctoring and then select the test. 
  • Setting up the times for exams in SmarterProctoring is considerably different than in Proctorio. 
    • Because SmarterProctoring can only read one date from a Canvas Quiz, begin by setting the dates for Everyone and to encompass the broadest range you think you will need for regular students (but not for accommodations). That is, if you want to give the test for Section 1 on April 1 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and for Section 2 on April 2 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., initially set your dates from April 1 at 9:00 a.m. to April 2 at 3:00 p.m. in Canvas and ensure you have set it for Everyone. 
    • Import the test into SmarterProctoring.
    • Go back to the quiz in Canvas and set the dates for your individual sections and save. 
    • Students who try to access their exams through SmarterProctoring outside the allowed times for their sections will not be able to start them. 
  • Accommodations as far as time will work differently with SmarterProctoring and Canvas than they did in Proctorio. 
    • Begin by making the accommodations in Canvas as you normally would. 
    • In SmarterProctoring, follow the steps described here to ensure that the times match between Canvas and SmarterProctoring.
    • There are additional capabilities for accommodations in Canvas. You can change the SmarterProctoring test settings (for instance not require someone to use the camera if they are having technical issues).
    • You can also allow students to schedule to take the test in a testing center, with an approved proctor, or with you or your TAs.

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