SmarterProctoring Virtual Live Proctoring Syllabus Statement

Please adapt the following statement for your syllabus within the constraints of your campus’ syllabus policy.  Be aware this option will assess a student-paid proctoring fee (see Fig 1). 

Note; Virtual Live is not available for UMSL due to the student-pay requirement.

Schedule exams with SmarterProctoring Live, an online testing service

Exams for this course will be available using the online test proctoring service, SmarterProctoring. This service will charge you a proctoring fee based on the time limit of the assessment. Securing appointments during the exam window is your responsibility. You should schedule appointments a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) in advance to ensure a time during the exam's availability.

table of exam dates, time allowed, and appointment fees

Figure 1: table of exam details

Fees: vary by exam duration

  • 60 minutes or less: $12.00
  • 60–120 minutes: $17.00
  • $5.00 for each additional 60 minute increment

Additional Fees

  • Scheduling Fee- Fees are paid at time of appointment creation.
  • Cancellation/ Rescheduling Fee- Refunds will be issued for cancelled appointments. 
  • No-show Fee Appointments that are scheduled, but are not attended, will not be refunded.

The Getting Started with Smarter Proctoring page has additional information. You must have a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and a microphone; you cannot use a smartphone or tablet. You must use the most current version of the Chrome browser with the SmarterProctoring extension installed, and have a stable internet connection to take the assessment. The University recognizes that not all students may be able meet the minimum requirements. If you do not have access to the minimum technology requirements, or have disabilities that require the use of a screen reader or keyboard navigation shortcuts, please inform your instructor before the quiz or test so that accommodations may be made.

Please be aware that: 

  • You will be under the supervision of a live proctor during the exam.
  • Your computer, and your physical test-taking environment may be recorded. 
  • As you may be recorded, please dress appropriately. 
  • You will be asked to show a picture ID to the camera and to complete a room scan.
  • You will need a quiet place to take the assessment —- both for your concentration and as interruptions (voices, another person on camera) may be flagged for potential cheating.

See the Keep Learning Website to learn more about: 

  • System requirements and troubleshooting guides
  • Install any needed extensions
  • Set up your assessment environment
  • Complete the pre-assessment checks

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