Getting started in Canvas for instructors

Dear Instructor, 

Welcome to your Canvas course! Included here are resources to help you start building your online course. Please remove this getting started link from your course navigation menu once you’ve finished customizing your course.

We have also added a Getting started in Canvas for students guide link in your course navigation menu to help your students navigate their way around Canvas this semester. 

Course Overview template page

We suggest you import the Course Overview template page to share with your students so they have information they need to be successful in your course. Wherever you find lorem ipsum/placeholder text in the Course Overview page, you should change, add to, or replace that text with information specific to your course. 

Syllabus template

Syllabus templates for each campus can be found here. Please utilize these templates to create a clear path for your students to follow throughout the semester. 

Canvas home page

Would you like a well designed front/home page for your Canvas course? Import the Front Page template and edit it to let your students know the important facts about your course as soon as they enter your course site. It’s very easy to import these Canvas page templates for you to edit and share with your students. When you import the content, choose Select Specific Content and run the import. Then you can choose if you would like to import the Front Page template and/or the Course overview page template (See Fig. 1).
image showing the front page check box to upload
Figure 1: Uploading the front page into Canvas

Getting Help

Reach out to Missouri Online for consultation about instructional strategies or to the Academic Technology team for technology assistance.

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