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Missouri Online hosts training events throughout the year. Our short courses, bootcamps and on demand videos cover a wide variety of tools and topics that include Canvas, Panopto, Zoom, Voicethread and more. Register for these trainings on the eLearning Training Events Calendar.

Short course training sessions

Canvas Overview

The Canvas Overview covers the basics of setting up your Canvas course shell. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Account & Notifications Settings
  • Editing the Course Navigation Menu
  • Understanding the difference between Modules, Pages, and Files
  • Basics of using Discussions
  • Assignments and Grades
  • Editing the Syllabus
  • Student view

Assignments, Quizzes and Grades

This session builds on the Canvas Overview class and provides more detail on the Assignments and Grades tools. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • assignment submission types
  • assignments for integrated tools
  • creating quizzes
  • allowing extra credit
  • grading on a curve
  • grade book sorting and organization
  • using Speedgrader
  • understanding the student view of grades

Peer Review and Group Assignments

This session builds on the Canvas Overview class and provides more detail on the Assignments tools. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • How to set up group sets and groups in Canvas
  • Creating Group Assignments and Discussion Boards
  • Grading Group Assignments using Speed Grader
  • Setting up Peer Reviews in Canvas
  • Best Practices/Stumbling Blocks for Peer Reviews and Group Assignments

Zoom Overview

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool you can use to virtually meet with others - either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats, and sharing your screen. It lets you record the meetings to watch later or share with others. Zoom improves student outcomes with secure video communication services for hybrid classrooms, office hours, and more. Instructors and students access Zoom through the course navigation button in a Canvas course. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Creating account/Logging in
  • HIPAA account (qualifying uses, feature differences)
  • Download/install client
  • Overview of interface
  • Create a meeting
  • Enable in Canvas
  • Different roles: Host, co-Host, alternative host, participant
  • Check Attendance
  • Security Settings and managing participants

Advanced Zoom Overview

This training is for advanced Zoom users who are already familiar with basic Zoom functionality. This will be a hands-on interactive and engaging training so please come prepared to be on camera and willing to participate in the activities. Topics covered in this session include:

  • Managing Breakout Rooms
  • Zoom Chat
  • Zoom Whiteboard
  • Zoom polling and quizzing
  • Zoom apps

VoiceThread in Canvas

VoiceThread is a tool that allows you to have a conversation around a piece of media. In this training you will learn how to create VoiceThreads and then add them to your Canvas course as lessons or assessments. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Adding VoiceThreads to your course site
  • Creating VoiceThreads
  • Using VoiceThreads in assignments
  • Grading VoiceThread assignments

Canvas Grades

The Canvas Gradebook Overview covers the basics of setting up and navigating through your Canvas Gradebook. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Arranging Gradebook Columns
  • Applying late/missing policies
  • Hiding and Posting Grades
  • Gradebook Management/Time Saving Strategies
  • Using "Notes" in your Gradebook

Canvas Analytics

This session covers the basics of using New Analytics in Canvas. Topics covered in this session include:
  • Understanding Canvas terminology
  • How to access New Analytics
  • The four data tabs available within New Analytics
  • Messaging students from New Analytics
  • Ways to prepare your course to get the most from New Analytics

Panopto for PC/Mac

Panopto is a lecture capture and media delivery solution for instructors. Use it for remote teaching, online teaching, creating in-video quizzes, recording student presentations, and creating student media assignments. Panopto can be used in the classroom at teacher workstations or on your own computer. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Enabling Panopto in your Canvas site
  • Downloading and installing the recorder on your computer
  • Getting set up to create quality recordings
  • Recording various types of lectures
  • Editing and sharing lectures
  • Viewing analytics
  • Managing recordings


Canvas Student Pathways, or Folio, is an academic portfolio network Canvas tool that allows students to showcase their education and work accomplishments and connect with other professionals. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Getting started with your ePortfolio
  • Capabilities of the Portfolium Network (Folio) platform
  • Student access to ePortfolios
  • Using ePortfolios as assignments in your course and use cases for your course


Online proctoring tools lock down some aspects of a student's computer and use advanced machine learning, face-detection technology, and other metrics to ensure test integrity. To prepare for the session we suggest you look through Honorlock's best practices for remote test taking information.

Topics covered in this 60 minute session include:

  • Is online proctoring right for my class? 
  • Setting up a Canvas quiz with Honorlock
  • Overview of Settings
  • Evaluating proctoring reports
  • Resolving accessibility and technical issues


An introduction to iClicker, the polling software, discussing registration, use of the Roster Grade Sync (RGS) function, student onboarding and more. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Setting up your iClicker Course
  • Manipulate iClicker Course Settings
  • Understanding and learning about using the iClicker Floating Toolbar
  • Syncing your iClicker Grade with Canvas
  • Best Practices for using iClicker in the Classroom


Turnitin's Feedback Studio and Plagiarism Review tools do more than just check for plagiarism. In this session you will  learn how it can help students improve their writing and help you with grading and providing meaningful feedback. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Creating Turnitin assignments
  • Grading Turnitin assignments
  • Using the feedback features

Google Workspace and M365

Learn how to use Google Workspace & MIcrosoft 365 Applications to improve your Canvas classes and personal productivity. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • How to log into Google Drive, and M365
  • Overview of the different Apps in Google and M365
  • How to share documents in the different platforms
  • Discuss how to use the different platforms both inside and outside of Canvas
  • URLS to know:
    Google: https://drive.google.com/
    Microsoft (M365): https://office.com/ 

Advanced Panopto

Overview of more advanced features with an in-depth demonstration of features such as advanced editing, using Panopto with student assignments and captioning. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Using Panopto recording Assignments with a Panopto Assignment folder
  • Using Panopto Capture recorder
  • Using advanced editing features: Graphics slides, updating PowerPoint slides, best practices with inline quizzing, and reviewing best practices when adding embedded external videos in a Panopto recording. 
  • Creating Panopto Assignments in Canvas, recordings & uploading video assignments. and Panopto Quiz Assignments
  • Using "Building a Session"
  • Using Multi-Language Captioning for use in foreign language classes.


We will discuss how collaborative annotation with Hypothesis can be used to make student reading visible, active, and social. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Learning how students can look up difficult words or unknown allusions in a text and share their research as annotations.
  • Pre-populating a text with questions for students to reply to in annotations or notes elucidating important points as they read.
  • Have students identify formal textual elements and broader social and historical contexts at work in specific passages.
  • Have students share their personal opinions on a controversial topic as discussed by an article.


Attendees will learn how to get started with Pressbooks, from creating a new book to publishing and exporting offline versions of the text. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • Brief overview of what Pressbooks is and how it’s used.
  • Go over how to create a book in Pressbooks.
  • How to set up chapters and how the interface works.
  • Show how to export a book and bring it into Canvas.
  • Where to find help - https://guide.pressbooks.com/ 

Basics of Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI (like ChatGPT, Bing, and Claude) is changing teaching and learning. In this session, we will try to cover some of the most common areas of concern and answer your questions. Topics covered in this 60-minute session include:

  • University policy regarding AI
  • What to include in your syllabus and assignment instructions
  • Update on AI text detection
  • Suggested tools
  • Teaching tips

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