Choosing the correct Canvas log in method


Having questions about which Canvas Login method to choose? 

  1. UMSYSTEM Login - Choose this option if you are a faculty member, staff member or student at any of the campuses of the University of Missouri System. 
  2. Alternative Login - Choose this option if you are taking a University of Missouri Extension course or an MU Health Care course. 
  3. Invited Guest Login - Choose this option if you have received an email invitation from to create a guest account to login to Canvas. University of Missouri email addresses are not eligible for invited guest login access.

Still unsure? Please email or call 1-855-675-0755.

NOTE: If you have manually created your Canvas account through Cirrus, your account uses an email address as the Username and this field is case-sensitive. You must enter the Username exactly as you submitted it during account creation. Requesting a password reset will fail if the Username does not match exactly.

Alternative Login

  1. Click on the Alternative Login link (See, Fig. 1)
    Canvas login screen, with Alternative Login option selected
    Figure 1: Alternative Canvas login
  2. Select either Google or Microsoft, or if you don’t have either of those services, choose Other Login (See, Fig. 2)
    Login Method page, with Google, Microsoft, and Other Login options
    Figure 2: Selecting a login method
  3. If you chose Other Login then click Create Account and follow the instructions (See, Fig. 3).
    Other Login interface, with Create Account link highlighted
    Figure 3: Selecting to create an account

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