Canvas course readiness checklist

Is your Canvas course ready for the first day of classes?



Utilize the following available accessibility resources for guidance:


  • Welcome announcement is posted
  • Instructions for getting started in the class are posted
  • Old announcements are updated with new dates (or removed)

Syllabus and Schedule

  • Current syllabus is posted
  • Syllabus includes accurate textbook and/or additional software requirements
  • Schedule is updated with current dates
  • Schedule includes due dates for all assignments, quizzes, discussions and readings

Faculty Bio

  • Instructor bio is updated with current email, info and photo
  • Office hours are posted
  • Instructions for communication are posted

Course Content/Modules

  • Set a course homepage
  • Module structure matches the current schedule
  • Content in Modules have been updated
    • Publish or Unpublish items in Modules, Discussions, Quizzes and Assignments to ensure your students can access, or not access, your content.
    • Delete any content from your modules, files and pages that you are no longer using. This makes it much easier for you to organize and use your content and frees up storage in your Canvas site.
    • Make sure to look at items in Module 0. Find the newest items and update them with current information. Delete the old items.
  • Complete a UDOIT scan to ensure accessibility standards are met
  • Load asynchronous or pre-recorded videos into Panopto
  • Move any Panopto recordings you plan to reuse
  • Ensure any embedded content is showing correctly
  • Copy any VoiceThreads you plan to reuse and add them to your course site

Web Resources


Discussion Board


Next, review your course using the student view to ensure you've done everything correctly. Now you are ready to Publish your course site!

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