Determining a student's last date of activity in a Canvas course

PeopleSoft (myZou, Pathway, MyView, Joe'SS) now requires a last date of activity (LDA) to be documented for any DL or I grades entered (Delayed or Incomplete). In certain cases this may be pulled automatically, but it can also be manually retrieved from the Canvas course page. Note: You may need to enable New Analytics in your course navigation menu.

To determine the last date of activity:

  1. Navigate to the Home page of the course.
  2. Select New Analytics from the buttons on the right side of the page (see Fig. 1).New Analytics button on the Canvas course home page.
    Figure 1: The New Analytics button can be found to the right side of the Canvas home page.
  3. Select the Students tab from the top of the page that appears, and either scroll to find the student or type their name into the search bar.
  4. The Last Participation Date (not the Last Page View) is the value to be entered into PeopleSoft for the Last Date Attended (see Fig. 2).
    Image showing the Student New Analytics Dashboard, highlighting the Last Participation column.
    Figure 2: The Last Participation date should be used when entering values for the Last Date of Activity in PeopleSoft

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