Using your blueprint course content

The new course template in One Canvas was designed as a standard guide to help you set up a new course using best practices, while helping students find the information they need to get started and be successful from day one. Using it is optional, and you can mix and match with your own content. Publish as much or as little of Module 0 as you wish.

The template consists of a Front Page (the home page for you and your students) and Module 0 | Getting Started.

Front Page

  • Edit, or change, your Front Page
    1. If you wish to use the template front page, select Edit and modify the title, the "lorem ipsum" placeholder text and the faculty information to reflect your course. You may use any or all of these sections.

Module 0

  • Instructor Use Only: How to Use This Module provides a quick overview of the template.
  • Course Overview helps you lay out expectations, the main resources that will be used, and some basic guidelines for student behavior.
  • How to Get Started covers the initial steps students should take. You might have more or fewer than three and may want to modify the existing ones.
  • Getting around Canvas is a guide for students new to the system.
  • How to add or remove items from your course navigation shows you how to adjust your Canvas navigation menu.
  • Tools used to facilitate this course is a page that lists some of the major tools available that you may be using along with links to how they work. You may wish to add other tools here as well and link to documentation on them from UM or from the vendors.

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