1. Anywhere the Rich Content Editor (RCE) is used (assignment, page, discussions etc.) click the Plug icon (See Fig. 1).

    Figure 1: Rich Content Editor menu
  2. Click View All.
  3.  In the list of apps click Google Drive (LTI 1.3) (See Fig. 2).

    Figure 2: List of apps
  4. In the dialog box make sure that your @umsystem.edu account is showing and choose Select File (See Fig. 3). If you were logged in with a Gmail account, click Switch Account and authenticate with your SSO.
    Figure 3: Google drive dialog box
  5. Choose the file that you want and click Add.
  6. A warning will appear to let you know that the permissions are going to be changed. Click Attach (See Fig. 4).
    Figure 4: Attach the google file
  7. The file will be embedded into the rich content editor. Click the X to close the google drive window to return to Canvas.

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