Using the Canvas mobile app


Users who wish to access Canvas on the go have two options:

  • Log in to Canvas via the smartphone's browser; or
  • Download the Canvas by Instructure app.

Using Canvas on Your Smartphone Browser

Many of the Canvas functions that are available in a full desktop or laptop web browser are also available via your mobile browser:

  • Check announcements.
  • Access module information.
  • Check grades.
  • Read discussions.
  • Post to a discussion.

Note: Some functions are strongly discouraged. When accessing a course via your smartphone browser, students should not attempt to submit an assignment or quiz.

In general, Canvas does not officially support the use of mobile browsers and recommends the use of one of the Canvas mobile applications instead.

Using the Canvas by Instructure App

The Canvas by Instructure app is available for iOS phone or tablet (i.e., iPhone or iPad) and for Android phone or tablet. These apps are free.

Using the SpeedGrader App

Faculty teaching in Canvas have the option of using the SpeedGrader app to grade assignments from a tablet. The app offers the same functionality as the desktop version of SpeedGrader—viewing submissions, commenting, assigning grades and using a rubric for scoring.

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