Exporting the Canvas Calendar to another calendar


The Calendar link in Canvas, located in the Global Navigation, will provide you an at-a-glance look at all upcoming course events and assignments. Learn more about the Canvas Calendar.

Exporting the Canvas Calendar

You can choose to export an iCal feed for your Canvas calendar and import it to another calendar, such as Google or Outlook—thus integrating your Canvas due dates into another calendar that you use regularly.

  1. First, click the Calendar Feed button in the right-hand column (See Fig. 1).
    Calendar Feed button
    Figure 1: Calendar Feed button
  2. Next, copy the link that is generated (See Fig. 2).
    Calendar feed link for a Canvas course (iCal format)
    Figure 2: Calendar Feed link

Copy the link to the new calendar

Microsoft Outlook (Desktop)

  1. Click the Calendar tab.
  2. Click the Open Calendar button and, from the menu, choose From Internet… (See Fig. 3).Drop down menu showing options to Add Calendar in Microsoft Outlook
    Figure 3: From Internet link
  3. Paste the iCal link and click OK (See Fig. 4).
    Window to enter the iCal Canvas Calendar link to add to Outlook

            Figure 4: Paste in the iCal link

Microsoft Outlook (Office 365)

  1. Log in to your Webmail account.
  2. Go to Calendar.
  3. Click Add calendar and choose Subscribe from web.
  4. Paste the iCal link and click Import (See Fig. 5).Interface for adding an external Calendar to Outlook 365, with a field for the iCal link, a title, color, and icon.
              Figure 5
: Paste in the iCal link

Google Calendar

  1. Under Other calendars, click the down arrow to expand the menu. Choose From URL (See Fig. 6).Drop down menu in Google Calendar, with option to add From URL
        Figure 6: From URL
  2. Paste the URL and click Add Calendar (See Fig. 7).
    Form to enter Calendar URL   
        Figure 7
    : Add Calendar button

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