Sharing VoiceThreads with other Instructors

Sharing VoiceThreads can be done in two ways. First, a user may share a VoiceThread with someone to watch, collaborate or comment on.  Second, a VoiceThread can be shared with another user so that that person can make their own copy of the VoiceThread to use.  This is commonly done when an instructor wants to share course materials with a new instructor for a course.

Sharing with an individual

Share VoiceThreads with others with either view, comment or edit access.

Creating copies of a VoiceThread for another instructor to use

If a VoiceThread user has shared their VoiceThread with another instructor, the person they were shared with can create copies of the VoiceThread .  They will then have their own personal copy of the VoiceThread that they own. The new VoiceThread can then be modified and shared without affecting the original VoiceThread .

  • Step 1: Share the original VoiceThread with the new instructor
  • Step 2: Have the instructor who was given share access make a copy
  • Step 3: Update Canvas content with the new (copy) version

Step 1: Share the original VoiceThread with the new instructor   

Step 2: New instructor makes a copy of the VoiceThread

  1. Copy the VoiceThread.
  2. Give the copy a title, and decide which comments you want to keep (See Fig. 1).
    Comment copy options

Step 3: Include new VoiceThreads in the Canvas course content

  • The new VoiceThread 's will now show up in the new instructor's thread list. Make sure your Canvas content is updated with the new VoiceThread material.

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