Sample VoiceThread Group Presentation Instructions

These are sample instructions for a Group VoiceThread assignment. Your assignment names, or instructions, may differ. Please read this carefully and do the necessary edits prior to giving these instructions to your students.

Step 1:  Build your slides

The group leader should start a Google Slide deck and share the file with the other members of the group.

The group leader should download the slide deck as a PDF or JPG set of images to a computer and take responsibility to create the group’s presentation in VoiceThread.
Need help with Google Slides?

Alternatively, you can skip this step and work on your presentation in VoiceThread instead.

Step 2: Working in VoiceThread

Once your slides are finished, the group leader will create a new VoiceThread. 

Group Leader:

  1. Go to the VoiceThread Home link in the Start Here module. Select the + in the upper left-hand corner. See this help page if you need further help.
  2. Once your VoiceThread is created you will share it will your group members with Edit access. To share, find your VoiceThread in VoiceThread Home by selecting the three dots and choosing Share.
  3. Select Courses, and then your course.  Then, select the members of your group.
  4. Select Continue. Then choose the Edit level of access.  Select Save.

All members: 

  1. Add audio or video comments to your VoiceThread to narrate your presentation. You can find the VoiceThread in the VoiceThread Homepage link in the Start Here module. 

Step 3: Submitting the VoiceThread

Group Leader:

  1. Go to the Group Presentation assignment in the module. Follow these instructions to submit your VoiceThread presentation.

Step 4: Viewing/Commenting on presentations

All students: 

  1. Go to the Group Presentation assignment in the module. Select the Student Gallery to view the class presentations and to respond to your classmates discussion with additional comments.
    Noteyou must first select Start Assignment to view the Student Gallery of submissions. 

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