Creating a VoiceThread assignment

VoiceThread assignments can be added to the Modules or Assignments section of your Canvas site. Your student list will populate in the VoiceThread grading framework after a nightly run. You may also now require that students complete a previous VoiceThread assignment prior to beginning the next one.

Note: Students cannot comment on their own submitted VoiceThreads (or those of their classmates) once they have Submitted their VoiceThread assignments. They should not Submit their assignments until they have completed the Commenting requirements for the assignment. Students can Withdraw their assignment submissions if they need to to add Comments to their own or their classmates VoiceThreads.

  1. In your Canvas site, select the Modules or Assignments button in your course navigation menu.
  2. Select the + sign to add a new Assignment.
  3. Choose Create Assignment and put in an assignment name.
  4. Select Add Item.
  5. Select the assignment link that you just created in your course.
  6. Select the Edit button.
  7. Select drop-down menu for Submission Type and select External Tool (See Fig. 1).
  8. Select the Find button and choose VoiceThread from the list.
    assignment settings showing the find button to search for the voicethread external tool
    Figure 1: Editing a Canvas Assignment
  9. Select Assignment Builder (See Fig. 2).
    Note: This window can be resized. We do not recommend opening this dialog box in a new window as errors may occur.voicethread options including assignment builder
    Figure 2: Assignment Builder Setup
  10. Select the button that corresponds with the type of assignment you want the students to complete. You can require them to create a VoiceThread of their own to submit, to comment on a VoiceThread you've created, or simply to watch a VoiceThread start to finish (See Fig. 3).
    the types of voicethread assignments
    Figure 3: Choose Assignment Type
  11. After setting up the assignment of your choice in VoiceThread you will be brought back to the Canvas screen for editing the assignment.
    Note: Make sure that the points possible and assignment group are correct.

To view videos and the complete setup instructions for each assignment type, select the links below.

And one last thing! If you go into your VoiceThread assignment and select Back to check any settings make sure you go forward again and select Publish.  If you do not, the assignment stays in editing mode and the students will not be able to access it.


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