Grading a VoiceThread assignment

VoiceThread assignment submissions are not accessible through the grade center. Click on the VoiceThread assignment link in your content area to display the grader (see Fig. 1).voicethread assignment overview showing a link to the student gallery and student submissions
Figure 1: VoiceThread assignment grading framework

On the right side of the page, you will see your course roster. If a student is missing from the roster, it means that student has not yet clicked into your assignment, but they will appear as soon as they do. Students can fall into three categories:

  • Submitted: Students who have submitted their final assignment.
  • In progress: Students who have started working on the assignment but have not yet submitted.
  • Unattempted: Students who have not yet begun working on the assignment at all.

You can enter grades for students who are listed as “Submitted” or “In progress.” Click on a student's name to see their submission, then enter the grade into the text box or pass/fail selector on the right and press Enter on your keyboard.

Additional features

  • Reminders: To remind a student to submit, click on the student's name, and then click on the Remind button. You can also click Remind Students at the bottom of the list to remind all students who have not yet submitted.
  • Un-submitting: If a student has submitted an assignment but needs to try again, click on the student's name, click on Additional options beneath the grading area, then click Unsubmit.
  • Changing grades: To see students who have already been graded, click on the Graded tab in the top-right corner, and then click on any student in that list to enter a new grade for them.
  • Student gallery: If you have created a Create a VoiceThread assignment and enabled the student gallery, you will see the student gallery button on the main landing page (Assignment Details area).
  • Edit the assignment: If you need to make changes to how this assignment is configured, click on the menu icon top-right and select Edit assignment (see Fig. 2). Note: If you go in to Edit the assignment you must select Publish again or it will remain in edit mode and the students will not be able to access it.
    voicethread assignment overview showing an arrow pointing to the 3 menu dots to access assignment optionsFigure 2: Edit an existing VoiceThread assignment

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