There are two ways to add VoiceThread to your Canvas course. The first, and what we usually recommend, is to add the VoiceThread links via adding an External Tool.  The second is adding an individual VoiceThread via a Share link (e.g., in a Page or a Discussions post). To add VoiceThread to your course, please follow the steps below.

Non-graded activities — Course View, VT Home, Individual VT

  1. Navigate to the Modules area of your course.
  2. Find the module to which you’d like to add VoiceThread, and click the + (plus sign) button.
  3. Select External Tool from the menu.
  4. Select VoiceThread from the list of tools.
  5. Give your link a title.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click on the link you just created to complete the setup process in VoiceThread.
  8. Choose either Course View, VT Home or Individual VT (See Fig. 1). Additional information about those options can be found here.

    Figure 1: VoiceThread Setup
  9. If you chose Course View or VT Home, the task is complete. If you chose Individual VT, then you will select the VoiceThread from the list of options (See Fig. 2).

    Figure 2: Selecting an individual VoiceThread
  10. Once the VoiceThread is selected, click Share with Class (See Fig. 3).

    Figure 3: Share the VoiceThread with the class
  11. You will then see a confirmation screen (See Fig. 4).

    Figure 4: Confirmation screen


  1. Go to to the VoiceThread that you want to link to and get the Share Link. (See )
  2. Navigate to the Page or Discussions post where you would like to link your VoiceThread.
  3. Paste in the Share link.
    NOTE: Using Share links may result in authentication and viewing issues for you and your students.
    See more information about the types of VoiceThread links here.

Graded activities

  1. Navigate to the Assignments area of your course.
  2. Create a new assignment.
  3. Name the assignment, the points possible, and write a description if you choose.
  4. Under Submission Type, select External Tool.
  5. Click on the text field below the External Tool URL.
  6. Select VoiceThread from the list.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click on the link you just created to complete the setup process in VoiceThread.
    See more information about creating Assignments here.

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