VoiceThread is a multimedia discussion board, presentation and voice-authoring tool that is integrated in Canvas. Instructors and students access VoiceThread through the course navigation button or links within a Canvas site for their course.

How can I use VoiceThread in teaching?

  • Record a welcome message for the course.
  • Create reading comprehension assessments.
  • Practice and assess foreign language communication.
  • Record lectures for online, face-to-face or hybrid courses.
  • Assess individual or group presentations.
  • Have students walk through how they completed an assignment

What is unique about VoiceThread?

  • VoiceThread allows users to zoom in on an image for closer inspection. This can also be done while leaving a comment.
  • VoiceThread includes a doodle tool, so that users can annotate the media they are discussing.
  • VoiceThread allows comments to be moderated by the instructor.
  • VoiceThread allows comments to be left on each slide of the presentation, so you can have multiple discussion threads within a single VoiceThread.

Technical requirements

VoiceThread is a cloud application, so there is no software to install. The only system requirement is an up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. VoiceThread will run in your web browser and on almost any internet connection.

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