Using Impact course reports

The Impact Course Report allows instructors to view activity (click data) and tool adoption reports for your Canvas course in real-time. Impact Course Reports record activity data when a user triggers the monitor for that feature. If a user interacts with a Canvas feature, then it gets recorded by Impact Course Reports as click activity.

Can my students see this link from the course navigation menu?

Only users with a Teacher-based role in the course can see and interact with the Impact Course Reports tool.

What are Reporting Templates and what are the different options?

Reporting Templates contain groups of monitors that track the activity for Canvas features and installed integrated/external tools in Canvas. Each reporting template will track for the specified audience tagged for that template. The different reporting templates available are:

  • Integrated Tools: use this reporting template if you want to generate a report for an installed LTI/external tool for your course.
    Note: Not all tools may show up in the Tool Adoption category. If you need a report for a specific tool, reach out to Academic Technologies.
  • Instructor: use this reporting template to generate a report of instructors in your course
  • Student: use this reporting template to generate a report of students in your course
  • Observer: use this reporting template to generate a report of observers in your course
  • Mobile App: use this reporting template to generate a report of mobile app activity of users in your course

Can I hide the Reporting Templates I don’t need?

The Reporting Templates dropdown cannot be customized. When generating a report, make sure you select the correct Reporting Template.

What’s the difference between New Analytics and Impact Course Reports in my course?

For a comparison of both tools and when to best use one over the other, check out this Canvas blog post, “A Closer Look at Canvas New Analytics tool and Impact Course Reports for Faculty LTI”.

How do I generate a report of my student activity in my course? 

  • In the Reporting Template dropdown, make sure the selection is set to Students.
  • Select the start and end date of the student activity you want to view and include in the report
  • In the Tool Adoption section, by default it will have the top of the category tree selected. For the Student Reporting Template, it will show the Canvas features as categories that students interact with. Select a category to further drill down on a specific feature and related activity.
    • In the Presentation section, select the format you would like the data to be displayed. 
    • You have the option to Export the report and download the data in different formats, and to also download active and non-active users for the selected category.
  • In the User Activity section, you can view if a student has interacted with the specified feature in Canvas.

Can I generate a report for all of my courses?

The Impact Course Reports in your course can only generate a report for the course that it is in. To get reports for your other courses, an instructor would have to go to each of their courses and generate the report they need.


For questions or assistance, please contact Teaching Tools.


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