A Canvas user may be assigned to one of seven different course roles.  Below is a summary of each role. 

  • Teacher has full course capabilities.
  • TA has full course capabilities except it cannot manage TA and Teacher enrollments, or publish the site.
  • Designer can view and edit course content, view and post to Discussions, and view grades. Designer can view the People page. Designer cannot manage enrollments, change grades, or send messages to users. 
  • Grader can view and grade all assessments. Grader can view Discussions. Grader cannot edit course content, or send messages.
  • Student can view course content and fully participate in the course.
  • Librarian can view course content, and view and post to Discussions.  Librarian cannot view grades, edit content, or send messages.
  • Observer can view course content and Discussions.

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