Viewing bulk purchases and order history for Catalog courses

Any user with a Catalog account can claim/purchase seats for others users via Bulk Purchase and Enrollment. For free courses, you claim seats for those users. For paid courses, you pay the enrollment fee for each seat you claim.

When logged in with your account, you have an option under your User Menu for Purchases & Enrollments (See Fig. 1).
A red box around Purchases and Enrollment in the user menu
Figure 1: Purchases & Enrollments in the user menu

Within the Purchases & Enrollments page, you can see your own course enrollments (Self-enrollments) or if you purchased seats and enrolled other users (Bulk Enrollments) (See Fig. 2).

Under Bulk Enrollments, you will see a table with information on the Bulk Purchase and Enrollment. You can download the data by clicking the Export CSV button. 

Bulk enrollments listed with course, date, invitees and prices
Figure 2: Bulk enrollment listing

A course with a link in the course listing name allows you to see the status of the invited users for the number of seats you’ve claimed or paid for. You can also invite users, revoke, or resend invitations on that page (See Fig. 3).

Note: When inviting a user for one of the seats you claimed or paid for:

  • If the user does not have an account with Catalog yet, the email address you send the invite to must be the email address they use to create their account.

  • If that user already has an account with Catalog, please use that user's email address for their Alternative Login account.

User listing with status

Figure 3: User listing with displayed status


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