Finding Self-paced Course Student Start/End Dates

The start day for the self-paced term is the first day of the regular term and extends for 19 weeks in the fall and spring terms. The session will end on the Friday prior to the start of the next term. During Fall and Spring terms, students will be able to add a self-paced course up to 9 weeks into the term. Students cannot register for a self-paced course with less than 10 weeks to complete. Refund and academic withdrawal dates will be based upon the full 19-week session. Offerings will be 10 weeks long in the summer.

Each student is in their own section of the course. Instructors can view the student’s start/end dates in multiple places and the formatting shows the course SIS followed by the start date, end date and student SSO.

Course Section list

  1. From the course home page, select the Settings link in the course navigation menu.
  2. From the Course Details page, select the Sections tab, see Figure 1.Sections tab of Course Details page
    Fig. 1: Sections tab on Course Details page
  3. Students will be listed in chronological order by start date. Students who have the same start dates will be further organized alphabetically by user SIS ID, see Figure 2.
    student section information from the course's Sections page
    Fig. 2: student section information includes Course Name, start date, end date, and user SIS ID.

Course People page Course

From the course Home page, select the People link in the course navigation menu. Students will be listed in alphabetical order by last name.  Their individual section information is visible in the Section column, see Figure 3.
People page's listing showing student start and end date

Fig. 3: Student section information includes course name, start date, end date, and user SIS ID.

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