Changing the start/end dates of your Canvas course

Note:  This is not to be used for Incompletes. Please follow these instructions to give access to your course for a student with an Incomplete.

If you need to allow students to access your Canvas course for dates longer than the default semester you may change them in your course settings. You may also choose to restrict the dates to a shorter period of time.

  1. Access your course on Canvas.
  2. Select Settings in your course navigation menu (See Fig. 1).
    Settings listed in the course navigation menu
    Figure 1: Course navigation menu
  3. Select the Course Details tab (See Fig. 2).
    Course details navigation tab
    Figure 2: Course details navigation tab
  4. In the Participation area change the type from Term to Course.
  5. Select the calendar icon next to the course start or end date to choose a different date (See Fig. 3).
    Course start and end dates with a calendar icon next to them
    Figure 3: Course start and end dates
  6. Select Update Course Details to save (See Fig. 4).
    Update course details button
    Figure 4: Updating course details

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