VoiceThread account policy

Starting on July 1, 2022 VoiceThread will be implementing a data clean-up policy that will result in some inactive accounts being deleted. The following policies will apply to users under our license:

Account has never been accessed: Will be deleted 1 year after it was created.

Account has been accessed but no content has been created: Will be deleted after 1 year of inactivity. 

Account owner has created content: Will be deleted after 2 years of inactivity. The owner of the account will be notified by an email from VoiceThread 30 days in advance so they can take action if they would like. If you want to ensure that your account is not deleted automatically, all you need to do is sign in at least once per year.

If you want to save your VoiceThreads you may export them as media files to your computer. If you run out of export credits email us at teachingtools@umsystem.edu and we will provide additional credits.

Modified on: Thu, May 26, 2022 at 12:00 PM

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