Editing a Course Combo using the CRS

Follow the below steps to make changes to a previously completed course combo.  You can edit the Parent or Child course or rename the Parent course as it displays in Canvas.
Note: The Parent Course is the Canvas site that will be used after the combo is complete. The Child Course is the Canvas site that will not be used after the combo is complete. Any work that was done in the Child course will not show in the combined course site.

  1. Go to the Canvas Request System and log in.
  2. Select Home.
  3. Then select the Course Combo History tab (See Fig. 1)Course combo history table in the CRS
    Figure 1: Review Request History
  4. Select Edit for the course combo you want to edit (See Fig. 2).Row in the course combo history with the edit button highlighted on the far right
    Figure 2: Edit Combo
  5. You can now modify the course combo by removing a child course to add a new child course or renaming the Canvas course suffix (See Fig. 3). Deleting all child courses does not remove the course combo. If you need to completely remove a course combo please email the Academic Technology team at teachingtools@umsystem.edu.
    • Select Edit Parent Course Name and change the suffix portion of the parent course name.
    • Delete a course from the combo by selecting Remove Course (See Fig. 3).
    • Add a child course to the combo by entering the course name and select Search. Then select Add Course on the same line as the course you want to add to the combo. See fig. 4.Modify course combo interface, with options highlighted to edit parent course name, remove child courses, and search for additional child coursesFigure 3: Modify Course Combo
      Add Child course search in use, with the search and add course buttons highlightedFigure 4: Searching and Adding a Child Course

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