Requesting course content from another instructor using the CRS

This feature is for requesting a copy of course content that you do not have access to copy yourself. If you are the instructor on both the source and target course, you will need to perform this copy in Canvas. You can find information on how to copy Canvas course content in this Canvas guide.

  1. Go to the Canvas Request System and log in.
  2. Select the Course Copy tab (See Fig. 1).Canvas Request System Navigation bar, with the course copy link highlighted
    Figure 1: Course Copy tab
  3. Type information in the box to locate the course that you want to copy. Enter one of the following in the search box:
    • Course number
    • Partial or Full Course ID
    • Instructor SSO ID
  4. Select Search.
  5. When the results appear, choose Select on the line of the course you want to copy (See Fig. 2).Course Copy Course Search interface, with the filter field highlighted
    Figure 2: Search and select the course

  6. When the search results appear, choose Select for the target course to receive the copy (See Fig. 3).Course Copy Course Search interface, with the filter field highlighted, and the mouse hovering over the select button
    Figure 3: Search and choose Select on the target course you want to receive the copy
  7. Select the Submit Course Copy Request button to send your copy requests to the administrators (See Fig. 4).
    Note: When you submit your request, it goes into a queue for the administrators to process. When the copy is complete, you will receive an email. Request Course Copy display with source and target course selected, with the Submit Course Copy Request button highlighted
    Figure 4: Select the Submit Course Copy Request button

To see if a Course Copy has been approved, select the Home tab, then select Course Copy History and locate the courses you are checking on in the table. If approved, information will be in the Approved By and Approval Date columns (See Fig. 5).Course Copy History Table, with the Approval by and Approval Date fields highlighted
Figure 5: Check your Course Copy History

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