1. Go to the Canvas Request System and log in.
  2. Click the New Course tab (See Fig. 1).
    Canvas Request System Navigation bar, with the new course link highlightedFigure 1: New Course tab in the navigation menu
  3. In the Select Campus drop-down list, select the campus where the course will be offered.
    Note: Only the campuses where you are employed will be available in the list.
  4. In the Set New Course Type drop-down list, select an option for the kind of course you are creating.
    • Development is for your own use to practice or develop course ideas. 
    • Organization is available for group use for communications. 
    • Non-credit is used for a traditional teaching course, but it is not for registrar credit.
  5. In the Enter a course name box, type the name of the course.
    • Symbols will not appear in the actual course name.
    • You cannot edit the information in the Preview of Full Course Name. It is showing how the course name will appear. You can edit the information that appears in this area by making different selections in steps 2 and 3, or type a different course name.
  6. Click Submit (See Fig. 2).Add a New Course interface completed with campus, course type, and course name fields. A preview of the course name is highlighted.
    Figure 2: Entering a course name
  7. A success message will appear (See, Fig. 3).Course Successfully Created banner
    Figure 3: Course Successfully Created message
  8. To view your New Course history, Click the Home tab and Click the New Course History tab (See, Fig. 4).New Course History table, with the example course shown as present, highlighted
    Figure 4: Course request history

Canvas CRS Organization Development

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