Completing a course combo using the CRS

This documentation will walk you through creating a Course Combo, combining two or more sections into one course in Canvas. First, you will select a Parent course and then add Child course(s) to the combo. Any work that was done in the Child course will not show in the combined course site. You can also determine if you should or should not combine your Canvas course sites.

  1. Log into the Canvas Request System (CRS).
  2. The CRS shows your history of the requests you have made, and their Approval Status. If you notice something wrong, you can make your edits in the CRS or you can send an email with the appropriate information to Missouri Online (See Fig 1).
    Course Request History tableFigure 1: Request History
  3. Select Course Combo.
  4. Search for the Parent Course (See Fig. 2)
    Note: The Parent Course is the Canvas site that will be used after the combo is complete.
    You can search for your course using one of the following:
    • Course Number
    • Reference Number
    • Partial or Full Course ID
    • Instructor SSO
  5. Select Search (See Fig 2).
  6. You can also use the Filter to narrow down your displayed courses. If after filtering your class is still not displayed, try searching by your SSO ID as seen below. If you are still having trouble finding your course please contact Missouri Online.
  7. Choose Select (See Fig. 2).Add a Parent Course interface in the Course combination process, with the Search, filter field, and select buttons highlightedFigure 2: Course Combo Tab

  8. Select Edit Parent Course Names to edit the display name in Canvas (See Fig. 3).Create Course combo, with selected parent course information displayed. A button for edit parent course names is presentFigure 3: Editing Parent course names
  9. Next, search for the Child course(s) you want to add.
    Note: The Child Course is the Canvas site that will not be used after the combo is complete.
  10. Type information in the Search box to locate a child course that you want to add to the course combo. Enter one of the following criteria and Select Search (See Fig. 4). Use the Filter box if you need to narrow down the choices.
    • Course number (that is in SIS)
    • Reference number
    • Partial or Full Course ID
    • Instructor SS0 ID
      Search area for adding a child course to a course combo
      Figure 4: Searching for a child course
  11. Select Add Course for the child course to be added to the combo (See Fig 5). That course moves to a new list towards the top.
  12. Continue to search or select any additional child courses. When all the child courses have been chosen, select Submit Course Combo Request (See Fig. 5).Display showing parent course, assigned child courses, possible child courses with the add course button highlighted, and the submit course combo request button highlightedFigure 5: Adding Child Courses
  13. Select Confirm (See Fig. 5)
    Course combo confirmation screenFigure 5: Confirm Submission
  14. The confirmation message says, "Your request has been submitted" (See Fig. 6).
    Submitted request verification notification
    Figure 6: Your Request Has been submitted.
  15. Select Review your request history link to the Home tab (See Fig. 6).

NoteIf you are not the instructor on all the courses involved in the combo, the status of your request is set to Submitted until reviewed by Missouri Online. If you are the instructor for all of the courses it is automatically approved. Once approved, combos update in Canvas during the next data cycle, usually within 24 hours. The status of your request is available on the Home tab.

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