Giving a student with an incomplete access to a Canvas course

In order to allow a student with an incomplete access to your Canvas course site past the end of the semester, or custom enrollment period of a Self-paced Canvas course, you will need to use the Delayed Grade Section in the Canvas Request System.  The student's enrollment in the delayed grade section must be recorded with the registrar in PeopleSoft as DL (delayed) until you update the record with their final grade.

  1. Log into the Canvas Request System.
  2. Select Delayed Grade Sections in the upper menu (See, Fig. 1).
  3. Enter one of the following in the Search box (See, Fig. 1).
    Course number, Reference number, Partial or Full Course ID, Instructor SSO ID
  4. Select Search (See, Fig. 1)
    Delayed Grade Sections is highlighted in the Canvas Request System navigation bar, with a course in the search field
    Figure 1: Searching for a course for a delayed grade
  5. Choose Select for the course you need (See, Fig. 2).Course search results table, with the select button highlighted
    Figure 2: Selecting the Canvas course site.
  6. A list of students that are currently enrolled in the course will appear.  Select Enroll in Late Grading Section for the student that you want to enroll in the late grading section. You may also use the Filter search box to narrow down the results (See, Fig. 3).
    List of students in a selected course, with a filter field and an enroll in late grading section button highlighted
    Figure 3: Searching for the applicable student
  7. The pending status for the student will update to Enrolled (pending submission). You may also select Remove from Late Grading Section if you have chosen the wrong student (See, Fig. 4).
  8. Select Submit to finalize the change (See, Fig. 4).Confirmation field with a submit button highlighted after selecting a student
    Figure 4: Viewing changes prior to submission
  9. You will see a confirmation message and the status that has changed to Enrolled (See, Fig. 5).
    Request processed successfully display, with a status of enrolled shown
    Figure 5: Confirmation of changes
  10. You will receive an email confirming the enrollment.

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