Importing content from another Canvas site

Your Canvas course shell will only contain some standard syllabus information. If you want to reuse materials from a previous semester, you will need to import that content.

  1. Log in to Canvas and navigate to your new course.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Choose Import Course Content. (See Fig. 1)
    Course settings menu, with import course content link highlighted
    Figure 1: Import Course Content
  4. Under Content Type, choose Copy a Canvas Course.
  5. Under Search for a course, find the previous course from which you want to import content.
  6. Under Content, you can choose to import the entire course or just specific content. 
  7. If you choose Adjust events and due dates, all events and assignments in the new course will be mapped to those in the previous course (i.e., an assignment due on Thursday of Week 3 in the previous course will be due on Thursday of Week 3 in the new course).
  8. Select the Import button. At this point, if you chose to import specific content, you will be cued to choose the items you wish to import.

See How do I copy content from another Canvas course? in the Canvas Guides for further guidance.

To upload content from a site used at another university, see these instructions.

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