Sharing multiple VoiceThreads with a single course

  1. Go to your VT Home page.
  2. Ensure that you are in the List View (See Fig. 1)
    Voicethread view options showing List view selected
    Figure 1: Choosing the list view
  3. Check the box next to each VoiceThread you want to share, and then select the share button at the top of the page (See Fig. 2).
    red box around the share icon
    Figure 2: Share icon
  4. Review to make sure that the correct Group is selected in the drop-down menu, decide whether you want to share the original VoiceThread or share a unique copy of it, and select the button to give this group viewing access, commenting access, or editing access for your VoiceThread (See Fig. 3).
    sharing options for view, view and comment or editing a voicethread
    Figure 3: Selecting a group and permissions
  5. If you are sharing a copy, make sure to give your new copy a name and decide which comments you want to keep (See Fig. 4). We strongly suggest including the semester in the title of the VoiceThread.
    options for the voicethread copy including the new title and comments

    Figure 4: Sharing a copy of a VoiceThread

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