Understanding the Panopto Archive and Recovering Videos


Any recording that has not been viewed for more than 18 months will be sent to the Panopto Archive. See the Panopto Video Retention Policy page for the details of this policy.

How to find and restore your archived videos in Panopto

  1. Login to https://umsystem.hosted.panopto.com/ and access the folder where your videos are stored. If there are archived recordings, you'll see an "Archived" button under the folder name (See Fig. 1). Select the Archived button to view the archived recordings.
     Red arrow pointing to Archived button within the Panopto folder
    Figure 1: Archived button available in a Panopto folder
  2. Alternatively, you can review all of your archived recordings by selecting System and then selecting Archive (See Fig. 2).

    Figure 2: Select System > Archive to see all of your archived recordings
  3. The "Restore from Archive" icon will appear when you hover over a video in the archive (See Fig. 3). Select the icon to restore your video. It may take up to 48 hours for the video to be restored.
    Red arrow pointing to "Restore from Archive" icon when hovering over a videoFigure 3: The Restore from Archive icon appears when you hover over a video

How to restore archived videos embedded in Canvas

  1. If a recording embedded on a Canvas page has been archived, you will see an archive message on the embed window, along with a link to "Restore from archive" (See Fig. 4). Select the link to being the restoration process.
    Screenshot of message and link shown in the embed window. Figure 4: A message and link will appear in the embed window if your video has been archived
  2. You can refresh the window to monitor the restoration progress (See Fig. 5). It may take up to 48 hours for the video to be restored.
    Screenshot of embed window monitoring the restoration progress.
    Figure 5: Monitor the restoration progress directly from the embed window

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