Panopto is a lecture capture and presentation recording tool that is integrated in Canvas. It can capture classroom lectures, or record lectures for students to view independently. Panopto can be used to share slides, documents, and other multimedia. An instructor or student accesses Panopto through the course navigation button or links that are within a Canvas site for their course.

How can I use Panopto in teaching?

  • Record a welcome message for the course.
  • Record class lectures (for face-to-face classes) for students to review later.
  • Record lectures for online classes or as part of a face-to-face or hybrid course.
  • Record a demonstration of a process or procedure.
  • Record presentations by guest speakers.
  • Use the in-video quizzing tool to provide students with self-check or assessment.
  • Embed a recording into the Rich Content Editor of a Canvas discussion or assignment as a springboard for reflection and discussion.
  • Students can create their own Panopto recordings, providing a platform for virtual presentations as an assessment tool.

What is unique about Panopto?

  • From simple webcam presentations at your desktop to complex multi-camera events, Panopto makes capturing professional video easy. 
  • Video used to require separate solutions for recording, streaming and storage. With Panopto, everything is integrated, reducing cost and complexity.
  • Panopto indexes the words spoken or shown on-screen in your new and existing videos, so your users can fast forward to the precise moment they need.
  • You can also add Panopto quizzes to videos.

Technical requirements

Panopto uses an application to record that you will want to download. You can also record in your browser through Panopto Capture. Panopto runs in your web browser on almost any internet connection.

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