Uploading narrated PowerPoint files into Panopto

We recommend uploading narrated PowerPoints into Panopto within your Canvas course. Panopto is a media management system. Uploading through Panopto does not count against your Canvas quota size and provides the best viewing experience for students. To get started, please enable Panopto in your Canvas site.

Once Panopto is enabled on your Canvas site, you are ready to upload your narrated PowerPoint.  Then you can embed the Panopto recordings in Canvas.

  1. Export the narrated PowerPoint as an MP4 file.
  2. Select the Panopto Video link to create the Panopto course folder (See Fig. 1).

    Image of Canvas with red arrow pointing to Panopto Video in the menu

    Figure 1: Panopto Video in Canvas navigation

  3. Select the green Create button from the top of the page (see Fig. 2).
    Red arrow pointing to the green Create button in Panopto
    Figure 2: Panopto Create button
  4.  Choose Upload Media from the dropdown menu. You can select one or multiple recordings from your computer to upload (see Fig. 3).

    Red arrow pointing to Upload media in the dropdown list

    Figure 3: Upload Media option in the Create drop down options

  5. Find and select your file(s) in the pop-up window (see Fig. 4).
    Screenshot of the pop-up window
    Figure 4: Pop-up window to select your files

  6. Wait for the video to process, then close the window (see Fig. 5). Pop-up window with red arrows pointing to upload status and X in the upper-right corner
    Figure 5: Check upload status and close the window

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    Video list with red arrow pointing to Processing percentage

    Figure 6: Percentage shows while a video is in process

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