You can add no-cost machine generated captions to a Panopto recording. Machine generated captions are generally 60% to 90% accurate. This type of captioning does not meet ADA compliance. If a student requires ADA standard captions, you should contact the Disability Center at for more information on the paid-for service.

NoteIt may take over an hour after the recording is completed before the captions have been generated. 

Importing, Editing, Viewing and Downloading Machine Captions

Panopto Creators (Canvas Teachers and TAs) can enable Automatic Machine Caption on a Panopto Folder. New Recordings in the folder will automatically have captions imported. The below video will demonstrate the process. 

To import ASR captions into a single recording or to edit captions, please open this Panopto help document. Instructors can also download text version of the captions in a external file.

  1. Go to your Canvas course site.
  2. Click on Panopto Recordings in your Canvas course menu.
  3. Click on the gear icon (See Fig. 1).

    Figure 1: Gear icon for Panopto settings
  4. Click on Settings (See Fig. 2).

    Figure 2: Automatically machine caption new Panopto sessions
  5. In the Captions Automatically Caption new sessions using drop-down menu, choose Automatic Machine Captions (See Fig. 2).

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