Using Canvas Peer Review Assignments

Peer Review assignments allow students to review one or more assignment submissions by other students. The assignment type is usually set up as Online, with a File Upload submission type. Students share feedback to other students by writing in the comment box, attaching a document, or using an instructor-created rubric. Some of these feedback methods can be combined. Peer reviews can focus on mechanics and grammar or on content, ideas, and information. Peer reviews may be done anonymously. Canvas does not consider the peer review to be an additional assignment and there is no due date.

How do I create a peer review assignment?

How do I manually assign peer reviews for an assignment?
Note: Manually assigning peer reviews have the benefit of being done at any time.

How do I automatically assign peer reviews for an assignment?
Note: Automatically assigning peer reviews may result in a student not receiving any submission to review. The instructor can then manually assign a submission.

How do I view student peer review comments as an instructor?

An example of a Peer Review workflow for students is as follows:

  1. Student submits to an assignment.
    Note: This must be done is order to access a Peer Review.
  2. After the assignment’s due date, or after all students have submitted to the assignment, the student returns back to the same assignment. 
  3. Student accesses the Peer Review page once a peer review is assigned. A notification will appear on their Dashboard, To Do List, or Recent Activity area.
  4. In Canvas over on the right sidebar, the student will look for assigned peer review(s). 
  5. Student clicks on the assigned name or Anonymous User.
  6. Student reads and reviews the submission by leaving a comment in the Comment box, making a media Comment, filling out a rubric, or leaving feedback by adding annotations. Follow the instructions from your instructor.
    Note: A Peer Review is considered complete by a student if they leave any comment, unless the assignment has an associated rubric. If so, they must complete the rubric, but a comment is not required.

Rough draft and final draft assignments with peer reviews

  1. Create a Rough Draft Peer Review assignment.
  2. Create a No Submission Assignment with instructions for the students to complete their peer reviews with your preferred due date. Make sure this due date is after the Rough Draft assignment is due. In the description area, link back to the original Rough Draft assignment.
  3. Create a Final Draft Peer Review assignment.
  4. Create an additional No Submission assignment for the Final Draft peer reviews if you would like to assign points.

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