Canvas Assignments

Canvas Assignments is an assessment board tool that is part of Canvas. Instructors and students access Assignments through the course navigation button that is within a Canvas site.

How can I use Canvas Assignments in teaching?

  • There are several assignment submission types in Canvas.
    • A No Submission assignment helps you keep track of activities not completed directly in Canvas, such as participation points or attendance at a Zoom session.
    • An On Paper submission type allow you to keep track of hard copies handed in during class, such as a written pop quiz.
    • A File Upload submission allows students to submit a variety of file types (Word, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, PDFs, images or videos).
    • A Media Recording submission allows the students to create and submit a recording directly within Canvas.
    • External Tool assignments allow you to create assessments with VoiceThread, Turnitin or Panopto.
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What is unique about Canvas Assignments?

  • You can attach a rubric to the assignment.
  • Canvas Assignments can get set to 0 points for extra credit.
  • Graded Discussions and Quizzes are also assessments and are considered Assignments for grading purposes.
  • Canvas Assignments can also be Group-based assignments.
  • Zoom polls can also be turned into Canvas Assignments.

Technical requirements

Assignments are a part of Canvas, so there is no software to install. Canvas Assignments will run in your web browser and on almost any internet connection.


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