Panopto closed captioning

There are two options available to caption media in Panopto.

Automated captioning via Panopto

You can add no-cost machine generated captions to Panopto recordings. Machine generated captions are typically 60-90% accurate depending on the audio quality in the recording. As a result, machine-generated captions are primarily intended to enable inside-video search, and by default, they aren’t added to the video as closed captions. Instead, the text is stored in the video platform’s database for use with the video search engine. The automated captions are not ADA compliant without editing by the content specialist to ensure accuracy. 

By default, captions are not added to new recordings. Panopto Creators (Canvas Teachers and TAs) can enable Automatic Machine Caption on a Panopto Folder. New Recordings in the folder will automatically have captions imported. If you have existing recordings in the folder that need captions you may also add captions to an individual video.

CaptionSync professional captioning (recommended for ADA compliance)

CaptionSync captioning is only available when a student requires it for an accommodation through ADA. CaptionSync captioning should be used when needing to meet ADA standards. If your student has an accommodation and you need captioning through CaptionSync, please email and once we confirm we will give you access. Manual professional captioning by CaptionSync should be mostly accurate with minimal editing necessary, mostly for specialized terms. Times vary, but CaptionSync captions may take up to a couple of days to process. 

Downloading caption transcripts

If needed, you can also download caption transcripts.

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