Creating a video upload assignment in Canvas


For students to utilize the Panopto tool to submit video assignments in Canvas, they must first have record/upload privileges. 

  1. Grant students record/upload privileges in Panopto by creating an Assignment folder.
  2. Create an assignment in Canvas.
    • Make sure that the Submission Type is set to Online and that the Online Entry Option is set to Text Entry, so that students have access to the Panopto embed tool.
  3. Review and Grade student assignments in the Speedgrader.
    • Navigate to the assignment and click SpeedGrader in the upper right corner (See Fig. 1).
      Speedgrader button highlighted.
      Figure 1: Speedgrader access in an assignment
    • Each submission will include an embedded version of the students' Panopto videos (See Fig. 2).

      Panopto Video example.
      Figure 2: Viewing a Panopto submission
    • Complete the assessment of the submission by entering a grade.

Modified on: Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at 10:25 AM

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