Creating a Panopto assignment folder


  1. Select Panopto Video in your Canvas course navigation menu. Then select the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the folder's Settings menu (See Fig. 1).
    Course folder. On it, the Settings icon, which looks like a cog wheel, is highlighted by a red box.
    Figure 1: Accessing the settings menu
  2. In the Overview tab, under Assignment Folder, select Create Assignment Folder (See Fig 2).
    Folder settings module. It is opened to the Overview page. Underneath "Assignment Folder," the link "Create Assignment Folder" is highlighted by a red box.
    Figure 2: Creating a new assignment folder
  3. A link to the new assignment folder will automatically appear with the parent folder's name and the word assignments in brackets next to it (See Fig 3). By default, the assignment folder name will be the exact name of the course.
    Note: It is recommended to keep the name as is, but it you need to rename it, refer to steps 5-7 at the end of the document.
    Folder module, open to the Overview tab. Underneath Assignment Folder, the link for the assignments folder is highlighted by a red box.
    Figure 3: Viewing the assignment folder
  4. To allow viewers to see others' videos open the Settings menu for the Assignments folder and navigate to the Settings tab (See Fig 4). Select the checkbox next to Allow viewers to see each other's sessions.Folder Settings module, open to the Settings tab. On it, the option "Allow viewers to see each other's sessions" is selected and highlighted by a red box.
    Figure 4: Folder settings
  5. If you need to rename the Panopto assignment folder, go to Panopto Video in the course navigation and then select  the Panopto assignment folder you created (See Fig 5).
    Choosing Panopto Assignment Folder
    Figure 5: Renaming the folder
  6. Once in the Panopto assignment folder (the folder name being displayed should have the [assignments] tag), select the gear icon (See Fig 6).Gear Icon
    Figure 6: Accessing the overview settings
  7. In the Overview settings, select Edit beside the Panopto assignment folder name. When renaming, only replace the name. Do not remove the [assignments] tag. If your Panopto assignments folder is originally named 2021 Fall Semester - Introduction with Numbers [assignments], then you can rename it as Panopto Student Videos [assignments].

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