Enrolling users in your Canvas site

Enrolling Instructors and TAs in a registrar course

Anyone with an instructional responsibility in a course has to be listed with the class in the Schedule of Courses in your campus student information system (SIS)  (Joe’SS, MyView, Pathway, or MyZou). You may need to contact your department scheduler or the Registrar to have them added to SIS. Once they have taken the FERPA quiz, they will automatically be added to the Canvas course site with the appropriate privileges within ~12 hours. 

Enrolling Students in a registrar course

Students who are enrolled in your class are automatically enrolled in Canvas sites. Students appear in Canvas within 12 hours of enrolling in a course.

If you would like to use a Test student account your course, please see this article for instructions.

Enrolling a student auditor in a registrar course

Auditors must be added to Peoplesoft as an auditor for the course and have passed the FERPA exam. See Enrolling External users to your Canvas course, if needed.

Enrolling Observers/Course Coordinators in a registrar course

Observers and Course Coordinators must be added to Peoplesoft for the course and have passed the FERPA exam.

Enrolling/Modifying/Removing Users in a non-registrar course

Use the Canvas Request System to add/modify/remove users in non-registrar courses (e.g., development or organization sites).

Enrolling External Users (Guests)

If you need to enroll an external user to your course site, please see this article for instructions.

FERPA access

The FERPA Canvas site will automatically show on the dashboard of Instructors, Graders, and Teaching Assistants if they do not already have a passing FERPA score. If they already have a passing score they do not need to retake the FERPA exam.

If the user does not see the FERPA site then they may need to be manually added. Please let us know if this is the case.

In order to access the FERPA exam in Canvas, log into Canvas and check your Dashboard.  If you do not see it on your Dashboard select Courses, then All Courses to see if it is listed there (See Fig. 1).

Figure 1: Canvas navigation menu

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