Understanding Panopto Share Permissions

Why is my video showing in the Everything folder?

This folder includes every video you as a user have permission to access in your Panopto site. In general, if a user is logged in, and selects the Everything folder, they will see a list of publicly available videos on their Panopto site, as well as videos that have been shared with them directly. As such, this tab will be different for each user based on what was directly shared with them. Seeing videos you have creator access to in this tab does not imply that other users are able to view it. If you are concerned about whom your videos are shared with, please check your sharing permissions on the video or its parent folder. If you're seeing a video created by other people, the user who owns that video either has the video (or the folder where the video resides in) shared with you directly, or shared with the whole organization.


Sharing permissions on video or folder

Options for sharing a video or folder include the following:

  • Specific People: This option allows you to share the video with specific people as viewers. (If there are no other users listed in this setting, then nobody else can see it except you.)
  • Anyone at your organization with the link: Choosing this option will enable viewing access for anyone who can log in to your Panopto site and has the direct link. (Select this option if you want to share a video to other university users by giving them the direct link to the video.)
  • Anyone at your organization: This option will enable viewing access for anyone who can log in to your Panopto site. (Not recommended if you don't want everyone in the organization to view your videos.)
  • Anyone with the link: Choosing this option will enable viewing access for anyone on the internet who has the direct link; no sign-in is required. (This options works if you want to share your video’s direct link to an external/non-university user so they are not prompted to sign in to view the video.)

More information on sharing Panopto videos or folder to a wider audience.

Panopto course folders by default are already shared to the users within the Canvas course. Users with an instructor role have the Creator role, which lets them record videos directly into the folder; users with student roles have the Viewer role, which lets them view the videos saved in that Panopto folder of the course.



When in doubt about what your video’s share permission is, check the Share settings of the video by hovering your mouse over a video item and select Share. Review the share setting under Who Has Access and change it to your preferred setting.


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