Students can create a VoiceThread presentation (singly or as a group), submit that VoiceThread to their instructor, and share the VoiceThread with their classmates for comments and discussion. The setup requires two VoiceThread links in your course. We suggest that you name these links clearly with their intended purpose as seen below. More information is available at Understanding new VoiceThread assignments.

Part 1 — Create

For the students to be able to create a VoiceThread presentation you need to give them access to VoiceThread. Students will access their VT Home area to create their presentation.  

NoteIf they are working in groups, you will need to designate one student group leader to create the presentation and to share it with their group members.

  1. Go to your Canvas course.
  2. Add a VT Home link to a module.
  3. Name it something like Create your presentation here.
  4. Learn how to grade VoiceThread assignments.

Part 2 — Submit

Once the student has finished their presentation, they will need to submit it to you for grading.

Note: If they are working in groups, the non-leader students will need to make their own copy of the VoiceThread presentation to submit to you for grading.

  1. In your Canvas module, add a VoiceThread assignment.
  2. It will be a Create type of assignment.
  3. Name this link something like Submit your presentation here.

Part 3 — Share (optional)

If you would like your students to comment on each others presentations, you will need to enable Student Gallery in the settings for the assignment. Students will access the gallery from the regular submit page (See Fig. 1).

Figure 1: VoiceThread student gallery

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